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London Business School – A Case Study

Our work with London Business School (LBS) is a great example of OPM’s coaching expertise, as well as our ability to develop and maintain strong and effective working relationships with our clients.

This long-term project started when we were asked to support the Business School with their management development program at a senior level (level 5). Each manager was going through a comprehensive development centre aimed at building personal awareness of strengths and development areas.

What did we do?

Via a team of 8 OPM Psychologists, our role was to;

  • Facilitate the development centre in a way that was robust and testing, but also gave all participants the best opportunity to demonstrate skills.
  • Use our understanding of the LBS context, strategy and core values to interpret participant performance into meaningful feedback.
  • Produce detailed and comprehensive talent reports on each senior manager.
  • Use the feedback as a framework for coaching each manager to cultivate their own development plan, based on clear and tangible actions for improvement.

How did it make a difference?

Feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. Level 5 managers had more clarity on what they needed to develop, why they needed develop and what practical steps they needed to take to make changes.

The use of a coaching approach meant that individuals were finding their own solutions – taking charge of their own personal development in a way that best suited their learning style and personality.

What happened next?

Due to the success of the program, OPM were asked to;

  • Continue longer term coaching relationships with the level 5 managers over an extended year period to ensure effective implementation of development plans.
  • Repeat the above process for all level 4 managers
  • Coach all level 3 managers over a year period to facilitate their own development planning.

We still maintain a strong relationship with London Business School and continue to support them regarding the strategy for their junior, middle and senior management development.


Coaching Client, London Business School:

“Cheryl is great at getting to the core of an issue and establishing actionable next steps. At the end of a session, I always feel something has been accomplished and I am clearer on immediate action items.”


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