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Client Testimonials

Anna Petts, Head of Learning and Development, UAL:

OPM Consulting provides us two streams of support: executive coaching and staff development.   For staff development, OPM deliver a number of different topics.  When you get coachees and staff delegates writing to you personally to say ‘thank you’ for a great experience and comments such as “wow”, “inspirational”, the best session I have ever experienced” and “the session was life changing – not only for how I perform at work but also for my personal life”,  then why would you use any other provider?  The evidence speaks for itself.

Coaching Client, London Business School:

“Cheryl is great at getting to the core of an issue and establishing actionable next steps. At the end of a session, I always feel something has been accomplished and I am clearer on immediate action items.”

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Anna Petts, Assistant Director London Business School:

“Working with OPM has been a great experience. OPM Associates are incredibly talented and responsive, willing to be flexible to meet our changing needs.”

Louise Manuell, UAL: 

“Feedback as to how I found your training:

Empowering – giving me different tools by which I can express myself. This training has been fantastic in terms of getting training almost directly afterwards, it doesn’t have to be a disability if you have the resources and support to build on your strengths. Now I have started to use speech dictation and would like with practice to become proficient in that. I have been shown where the program is and had practice with it. It should become a way in which I can communicate my thoughts quickly once I have trained my computer.

The inspirational program is excellent as a way of doing brain storms, getting ideas down and then grouping them off, separating them and actually a way of making sense of  ideas and thoughts. It can be used in training. I look forward to learning more about this as a way of developing ideas. For dyslexia people who I think can pick up on lots it’s a great way of getting everything down onto paper…then organising them.

The talk and speech program is really good and I have had help from Sarah Jane in being able to see how I can use this. It’s got multiple uses so having it ishandy and can be used as and when.

Because the training has been spread out I have been able to integrate these programs into my daily work. It has involved getting into a habit of doing something different on a daily basis and sometimes the old ways of doing things can seem more appealing. But I know that with some discipline, drip drip effort that I will benefit in the long run.

Having a iPad is great but being able to have training and shown how I can sync it with my computer has been invaluable. I have been introduced to icloud and can do assessments on my iPad and then pick them up on my computer.

Having  support and good support from Sarah Jane is something I really appreciate. I have heard the stories of dyslexia students and individuals do make a difference. With some students you know that they may have a different attitude to their dyslexia if they were getting support which zones in on their strengths. It is easier to address ones weaknesses when we are building on our strengths.

On a more personal note Sarah Jane is really likeable she has a really easy going manner. As a trainer her patience, expertise, knowledge and in information technology has been inspiring. She’s humble but got a lot of know how.

I feel really glad to have met you.

Charlotte Eade – Senior Project Manager, Transport for London:

“It has been a pleasure working with OPM over the last four years. They have consistently delivered to a high standard and have been an invaluable support to the business.” 

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Niamh Coglan – UAL:

“Cheryl’s course was engaging and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed the training, it was interactive and had me thinking throughout the whole session. It genuinely made me reassess some of my current tactics and has given me a great starting platform to improve my influencing skills. I would highly recommend her session to anyone looking to further their personal development”

Jerneja Rebernak – EU Research and Enterprise Coordinator, University of the Arts London:

“The expertise and confidence that Cheryl transmits developed a very positive atmosphere during the training. The level of readiness to listen to the group and give the right feedback has been an uplifting experience during the Time Effectiveness training. Cheryl gives the right amount of motivation that help to absorb new skills, which can be applicable right away in the working place. The pace of the training has been very well managed, with group workflow dynamics and learning exercises.”

Alyson Pellowe – CIPD Managing Consultant, People Vision Ltd:

“OPM has undertaken several projects for PVHR from group training to webinars. The energy and enthusiasm of Cheryl and her team has ensured that all of the courses have been hugely successful and we have had nothing but excellent feedback regarding their knowledge, style and expertise. I would highly recommend OPM to any company looking to implement training or development services.”

Peter Burnham – Director, BPP:

“We have worked with OPM for a number of years and have always been happy with the high quality of work they provide. They deliver excellent bespoke consultancy and come highly recommended.” 

Anna Petts – OD and Learning Director, University of the Arts:

Working with OPM has been a great experience. OPM Associates are incredibly talented and responsive, willing to be flexible to meet our changing needs.

Mark Wilson – FSA:

“Working with OPM was a great experience. Their expertise has proved to a real asset to us and we always look forward to seeing what exciting new ideas they bring to us. Cheryl always goes the extra mile for her clients and always offers a very tailored service. I hope to work with OPM a great deal more in the future.”

Andrea Farrell – Organisational Development and Learning Manager, University of the Arts:

“OPM provide a fantastic company. They take the time to understand the organisation, our challenges and identify our needs; but most of all they design and deliver engaging and inspiring programmes, which have gone down very well with our delegates.”

Guy Reece – Managing Director, EKO UK LTD: 

“A leading and much sort after Occupational Psychologist with a solid track record. Cheryl and her team are commercially astute, driven and enthusiastic, a pleasure to work with.” 

Jonathan Kemp – SmartWisdom:

“I would thoroughly recommend OPM to others who are looking at engaging with their clients and colleagues at a higher level. To put it simply, they have been instrumental in revolutionising SmartWisdom.”  

Dr Mark Holloway – Programme Leader for the MSc Occupational & Business Psychology Programmes at the University of East London

I am Dr Mark Holloway, Programme Leader for the MSc Occupational & Business Psychology Programmes at the University of East London. I am writing to express my sincere thanks to Cheryl Isaacs for giving up her time so selflessly to come along and talk to my students about the amazing performance psychology work she and her team are doing with a wide array of clients.    

My students have loved hearing Cheryl talk about her experiences. Her talks are honest, insightful, refreshing and funny. She has also offered work-shadowing experiences to two of my students and this has really made a difference to their employability and career decidedness. 

Thank you Cheryl for giving so much to my students.

Dr Mark Holloway CPsychol

Occupational Psychologist

Programme Leader: MSc Occupational & Business Psychology Programmes

Employability Lead: School of Psychology


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