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Assessment – Using metrics for demonstrable success


Giving you the tools to select, understand and assess top talent.


Dyslexia Assessments

Neuro-diversity including dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalDyslexia-Adculia affects around 10% of the working population and can have a significant impact on performance if not understood or managed effectively. Conversely, clients who are well compensated tend to be high achievers and an asset to their organisations. 

We offer insightful diagnostic assessments, needs assessments and strategy coaching and have proven success in making a big difference to clients and their organisations.   


Diagnostic Assessments are undertaken by qualified Psychologists and are useful if someone needs a full profile to understand their cognitive and attainment strengths and developmental areas. This may be particularly useful in education or employment so that the client is able to develop better coping strategies, which are based on their unique preferences.  

Assessments may also be useful for people who need legal support in tribunal cases.


Work-based assessments look at the combination of your profile and your job role, and make recommendations for ‘reasonable adjustments’. It is not necessary to have a diagnostic in order to have a work-based assessment. Assessments can be expensive and it is worth considering both the personal and organizational outcomes before commissioning one.

Our reports are written in easy-to-read, lay terms and we offer a follow up phone coaching service as part of the price to ensure that the implications are fully understood.

For more information about our dyslexia services – please see dyslexia in the workplace in the diversity services page. 

All of OPM’s assessors are fully qualified Psychologists with Chartership status, HCPC registered status and the relevant BPS certification in psychometric testing.

Assessment Centres

Assessment centers are typically the final or penultimate part of a selection process. During an assessment center a number of trained assessors evaluate candidates’ performances on a combination of role related activities. Their performances are marked against a clear set of pre-determined desirable characteristics, with the aim of identifying candidates who possess the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities. 

OPM have designed and delivered Assessment and Development Centres across a range of sectors and levels. From Oil and Gas and Banking, to National Government and City Transport Departments, our Psychologists know how to get under the skin of an organization, understand it’s needs, and develop a solution that is robust, insightful and fit for purpose, as well as cost effective. Our Psychologists are trained to design, administer and assess using variety of the latest and most popular exercises, including: psychometric tests; role play exercises; group exercises; in-tray exercises; business simulation scenarios. 

Assessment and Development Centre exercises should be robust and testing, but without stretching the participant so far out of their comfort zone that they are unable to demonstrate their skills.

We advise on how to devise a process which is robust, challenging and comprehensively tests the competencies that are important for the role. We recognize that time is precious and our approach is a pragmatic one. Our assessments are targeted to ensure we make the best use of each individual’s time and we don’t make people jump through hoops unnecessarily.


We can assist with;

  • Job analysis;
  • Competency design;
  • Assessment exercise design (case study, role play, strategic written task);
  • Aptitude testing;
  • Psychometric / personality profiling;
  • 360 degree feedback; and
  • Comprehensive competency based reports.
  • We have access to over 40 accredited and fully vetted OPM Occupational Psychologists based across the UK, all of whom are qualified BPS Level A and Level B assessors accredited in the full range of psychometric tests and profiles.


The benefits of using assessment centres:

  •        Enables companies to assess many candidates at the same time.
  •        Assessment centres provide companies with the most realistic and accurate view of how the candidate would perform in the role.
  •        The process involves several different assessors which reduces possible bias and provides a more holistic final picture of each candidate.
  •        It is regarded as the fairest way of selecting employees.


Development Centres

Like an assessment centre ensures you choose the right talent, development centres ensure you nurture and maintain that talent. DC’s allow you to: 

  •        Evaluate an individuals’ capability
  •        Understand how to use and develop their strengths
  •        Action plan developmental areas
  •        Create personal awareness /responsibility
  •        Improve employee engagement
  •        Promote company vision and values
  •        Ensure the success of the talent pipeline 

OPM’s unrivalled expertise allows you to choose from both ‘off the shelf’ options to bespoke, tailored made solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Talk to us today and let us help you decide on a package that’s just right for your organisation. Our clients constantly tell us it is one of the best investments they have made. We’re sure you would agree.





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