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Awareness – Ensuring people understand self and others


At OPM our Chartered Occupational Psychologists have extensive experience in successful executive coaching, team and individual coaching and coaching training. They also specialise in a conducting psychometric assessments and running 360 degree analysis and feedback. Our team will provide you with bespoke services, informed by the latest psychological theories and models to target the needs of your organisation.


Case study – London Business School


Executive coaching

Our coaches draw on a range of behavioural techniques and approaches to help leaders and executives achieve a mutually agreed upon set of goals. Our coaching sessions enable executives to develop their capabilities, expand their potential, increase their personal and professional satisfaction – and therefore maximise their impact and organisational performance.

Our executive coaching sessions are based on mutual respect and a trusting relationship. Our team of occupational psychologist use their experience to create bespoke sessions tailored to our client’s unique needs including;

  •        Reflecting on current working styles – using 360 degree feedback and personality assessments
  •        Agreeing upon set of goals and time frame to achieve them
  •        One-to-one scheduled conversations and activities focused on accomplishing these goals
  •        Regular feedback to ensure progress is being made 


Benefits of executive coaching, include:

  •        Increasing self-awareness of key strengths and weaknesses
  •        Defining personal and professional targets and methods of achieving them
  •        Increasing performance and competencies
  •        Improving leadership style and employee management techniques
  •        Increasing organisational effectiveness 


I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support and guidance, I know you will say it was down to me,  but you really enabled me to focus, realise my potential and have professional purpose. Once again thank you.

UAL Employee

Team and Individual Coaching

Team Coaching 

Team coaching helps people understand ways of working together more effectively, improves working relationships and provides employees with methods of reducing conflict. Our team, of experienced occupational psychologists, use a range of research-based techniques and strategies to design tailor made group-training sessions such as:

  •       Understanding the dynamics of the team and identifying concerns held by team members
  •       Developing result-oriented goals
  •      Identifying individual working and communication styles – through personality assessments and developing an understanding of differences between individuals
  •      Clarifying team processes, goals and values


At OPM we support you in taking ownership of your own development strategies. We believe you hold the key to creating realistic and practical team development plans, targeting your specific needs in a sustainable way. 

The benefits of team coaching include: 

  •        Improved team communication and relationships
  •        Role clarification – both personal and that of team members
  •        Supporting innovation
  •        Increasing team efficiency and performance


Individual Coaching

OPM’s individual coaching provides one-to-one sessions to individuals from all levels within the organisation. Our experienced psychologists establish and maintain trusting relationships with each coachee, challenging and encouraging them to take novel perspectives on complex problems and supporting these individuals through their development plans.

 Individual coaching can be beneficial to anyone within the organisation, particularly for:

  •        Those who wish to challenge themselves and increase their impact within the organisation
  •        Individuals who are struggling with their role or particular workplace issues, possibly as a result of                         organisational change
  •      Both new and experienced individuals who want to develop their skills, confidence and potential in their current roles, or to advance to more senior roles
  •         Individuals who wish to re-think their career paths

The benefits of individual coaching include:

  •        Providing personal insight into strengths, weaknesses and working style
  •        Increasing the coachee’s confidence, potential and courage within their role
  •      Supporting the development of personal action plans to move towards desired professional and personal goals
  •        Reflecting on working styles and encouraging innovative thinking to enhance abilities and increase effectiveness  

Coaching training

Coaching is a result-orientated and systematic process aimed at enhancing work related performance, building team morale and helping employees reach their full potential. Coaching sessions allow employees and leaders to explore business related topics and achieve improved operational effectiveness.

Our team of occupational psychologists can help you learn how to develop and empower your employees using coaching techniques, informed by the latest psychological theories and models. OPM’s psychologists will provide you with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to: 

  •        Manage and facilitate meetings
  •        Empower employees and promote well-being
  •        Managing conflict and support employees through change
  •        Promote a learning culture
  •       Increase communication and collaboration between and within teams, to facilitate increased productivity

Our expert psychologists will support you and provide feedback throughout the workshops to ensure that your coaching skills are fully developed. 


Psychometric tests are used to provide employers with a reliable way of understanding performance. Psychometric assessments fall into two main categories, ability assessments and personality assessments. Although psychometric tests are often used in selection, they are also very useful for needs assessments, development and talent management.  

Ability, attainment & aptitude tests can be vital in helping you to understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses, whether for selection, assessment or development. These tests are designed to measure candidates’ verbal, numerical, abstract or mechanical reasoning abilities. Ability tests therefore, provide employers with a standardized way of testing all candidates, which will enable them to fairly evaluate each applicant’s job relevant abilities and future potential.

Personality assessments are less common in selection, but can be beneficial in understanding candidates’ working styles. Personality assessments are an excellent starting point for coaching, personal development or team cohesion.

OPM has access to a wide range of, both, ability and personality tests. Our qualified and experienced Psychologists can help you select the most suitable psychometric assessments for your selection process and will help you to fully understand the results and how best to utilise them.

Examples of psychometric tests available include: 

  •        OPQ
  •        NEO
  •        HDS
  •        HPI
  •        Myers Briggs
  •        Thomas Kilman
  •        16PF
  •        15FQ
  •        Firo-B
  •        WAVE 

Benefits of psychometric testing and using OPM, include:

  •        All candidates are given the same tests and are evaluated against the same predetermined criteria; therefore psychometric testing is an objective and fair way of assessing candidates.
  •        They are a good way of predicting future performance, thus reducing the chances of wrongful hiring and reducing re-hiring costs.
  •        At OPM our psychologists can give you expert advice on how to manage and utilise the assessments, increasing the efficiency of the selection process and saving you time.
  •        We help you streamline your selection process and ensure you are using the appropriate assessments for the role you are recruiting for, which will help you in selecting the best candidate and reduce training and re-hiring costs. 

Cognitive ability assessments

OPM can help you understand how your brain works and help you to understand why you find some things very easy and some very difficult. An understanding of our cognitive abilities can be very insightful and greatly improve our performance at work.

Cognitive ability assessments can also highlight any learning difficulties/differences that you may have and allow you to find useful strategies for coping with tasks that you find less easy. Clients will often comment that the session has been ‘life-changing’ and crucial to understanding the effect that your abilities have on your work and personal life.

Case study – Transport for London 

360-Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is a great business tool, supporting the delivery of leadership development, talent management, employee appraisals and culture change programs. At OPM Consulting our Chartered Occupational Psychologists are experiences in delivering high quality 360 degree feedback programs that are tailored to your business needs.

Providing feedback of the results can be challenging, our team are trained in feeding back sensitive information and will ensure that targeted development plans are created. We also offer one-to-one coaching and training workshops to encourage individuals to stick to their action plans and get the best possible outcome from the 360 degree feedback process.

360 degree feedback is a performance evaluation system, in which an employee receives anonymous feedback, on their performance, from a range of sources. This typically includes feedback from colleagues, direct reports and managers. The individuals providing feedback are required to fill out a confidential online questionnaire, covering a range of work related competencies. The person receiving the feedback is also asked to fill in a self-rating survey, which includes the same questions. The 360 feedback questionnaires consist of a mixture of statements rated on a scale (for example 1-5) and questions requiring written comments; these questionnaires are usually given to eight to ten raters.

360 degree feedback builds self-awareness and gives managers and leaders a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. A report is automatically generated, after which the individual receives a feedback session and help with creating a development plan.

 360 degree feedback is used to:

  • Measure an individual’s workplace behaviours and competencies
  • Provide feedback on how others perceive an employee or manager
  • Highlight an individual’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Help create targeted development plans and goals


360 degree feedback is not used to:

  • Measure objective performance issues, such as sales quotas or attendance
  • Focus on job specific skills and abilities
  • Measure performance objectives
  • Determine whether an employee will perform well in a role or is currently meeting job requirements


A follow up evaluation is usually recommended between six and twelve months after the initial program. This is to measure behaviour change, focusing on the previously agreed development plans.


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