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Diversity – Managing Diverse and Talented Thinkers


On this page you will find information on the following:

  • Women’s development
  • Dyslexia in the workplace

Women's development

Y:OU Program – You: Only Unstoppable!

What’s your story? Do you ever want to rewind the clock and start over, do things differently and get the life that you imagined? Do you want to stop what you are doing and start creating the next fabulous chapter in your life, telling a more compelling story? Then now is the time for Y:OU.

The Y:OU development program is aimed specifically at women who want to become unstoppable in their lives. Your story is not written in stone and this program enables you to identify what it is that you want now– be it more confidence, assertiveness, better relationships, or perhaps more effectiveness in your work – and gives you tools and skills to be You: Only Unstoppable (Y:OU).

We have worked with many brilliant women globally and heard their stories. Many have struggled to reach their potential, others have stopped following or given up on their dreams and some just felt stuck. We have helped them achieve success in their professional and/or personal lives and now we would like to offer the same opportunity to you. This is why we, Cheryl and Katie at OPM, have developed the Y:OU program. When you spend the day with us you will get to focus on Y:OU and have the unique opportunity to:

  • Discover what you really want
  • Identify and overcome barriers to achievement
  • Understand the psychology of you
  • Acquire tools and skills to get what you want
  • Become part of a network of success-focussed women
  • Create a better story of you.

We are professional psychologists who are passionate about developing women. On the Y:OU program you will experience psychological and developmental techniques that will help you be unstoppable. We deliver the Y:OU program in a relaxed environment where you are encouraged to have fun as you learn, progress and start the next exciting chapter of you.

Imagine what you could achieve if you were unstoppable.

Dyslexia in the Workplace


Dyslexia affects around 10% of the working population


At OPM we are passionate about making a difference in the dyslexia & neuro-diversity world for our clients.  We want clients to complete their assessments and learning with us feeling confident in their abilities to adapt their strategies independently, and competent in their innate abilities.


Diagnostic Assessments are undertaken by qualified Psychologists and are useful if someone needs a full profile to understand their cognitive and attainment strengths and developmental areas. This may be particularly useful in education or employment so that the client is able to develop better coping strategies which are based on their unique preferences.  

Assessments may also be useful for people who need legal support in tribunal cases.


Work-based assessments look at the combination of your profile and your job role, and make recommendations for ‘reasonable adjustments’. It is not necessary to have a diagnostic in order to have a work-based assessment. Assessments can be expensive and it is worth considering both the personal and organizational outcomes before commissioning one.

Our reports are written in easy-to-read, lay terms and we offer a follow up phone coaching service as part of the price to ensure that the implications are fully understood.


Face to face interventions

Awareness training is advised for companies where a broad base of understanding neuro-diverse issues would be useful for the management, HR or team.

Mediation is recommended where conflict has arisen as a result of a breakdown in a staff-manager relationship. 

All of OPM’s assessors are fully qualified Psychologists with Chartership status, HCPC registered status and the relevant BPS certification in psychometric testing.



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