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Refocus – Supporting you when it goes wrong


What happens when despite your best efforts things go wrong? OPM has extensive experience in dealing with challenging performance and relationship issues and has conducted a number of solution-focused interventions such as stress-management training, under-performance coaching and mediation to support hundreds of organisations moved difficult situations forward.  

OPM reognise that every business is unique and we focus on building long lasting relationships with each of our clients. We aim to find the root of your issues, help you come up with solutions that are tailored to your organisation and support you through sensitive and challenging problems.


Stress and Resilience Training

At OPM we conduct an assessment of employee stress levels, we use a multi-method approach to gain a full picture of possible stressors, both at work and at home. Our Occupational Psychologists use this information to provide your employees with tailor made stress-management training and stress-awareness workshops. During the stress awareness sessions, employees will be equipped with knowledge on:

  • How to recognise signs of stress in themselves and colleagues
  • How to differentiate between pressure and stress and to fully understand the meaning of stress
  • Learn how to increase their performance effectiveness through changing their relationship to stressful situations and becoming more resilient
  • Understand background factors influencing your own resilience levels  
  • Consider how to grow strong through experiencing challenge, embracing the difficulty and reframing it as a learning experience
  • Learn cognitive de-fusion techniques to combat unhelpful thinking at workLearn how to switch between thinking modes to find the best one for the situation
  • Consider a wide range of tools and skills to deal with different types of challenges
  • Understand why resilience is important when negotiating with different personality types.
  • During the training sessions our qualified Occupational Psychologists provide employees with a variety of techniques and strategies to enable them to manage their stress and boost their health, work-life balance and well-being. All training courses are developed around the latest theories and models in psychology and are adapted to match your employee’s individual needs. 


Managers Training

It is important that managers also understand the risks of putting too much pressure on their employees. Therefore, we also offer awareness courses for managers. Our Psychologists will work with your managers to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and frameworks they require to: spot the signs of stress in their employees, discuss this sensitive topic with the individual and help them with stress-management strategies. The aim is to create a culture of open discussion and encourage long-term stress prevention.  


Under-Performance & Disciplinary

There are a number of reasons why an employee may be under performing which are not always so easy to recognise.

An employee’s reluctance to speak to a manager or internal staff member can often delay the process further.

OPM’s expertise in this area can sensitively deal with these issues whilst finding out the root cause of the issues and finding effective solutions.


Typical areas may include;

  • role or responsibilities
  • cognitive abilities
  • career aspirations
  • personal factors
  • motivation, etc



OPM has expert legal and H.R advisors to support disciplinary procedures and Employment Tribunals.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation chat with one of specialist advisors. 



Mediation is a crucial tool in aiding difficult employee relations. Conflict is an unavoidable part of social relations, often resulting from a combination of human and business factors. Examples of human factors include: personality differences; working styles; and cognitive resources, which can lead to miscommunication. Business factors that may provoke conflict include; poor management; inadequate training; unfair treatment and lack of equal opportunities; a lack of role clarity; and conflicting objectives.  

Prolonged conflict rarely resolves itself and tends to escalate into resentment, breakdown of relationships and ultimately to withdrawal from the organisation. The ramifications of which can manifest into:

  •        Missed deadlines
  •        Disrupted workflow
  •        Increases in absenteeism
  •        Stifled creativity
  •        Reduced motivation and productivity

It is important to resolve these issues before they become detrimental to your company’s morale, business results and employee retention rates. At OPM our expert Occupational Psychologists use mediation techniques to help clients with conflict resolution. Mediation provides a forum for open, constructive and honest communication that permits clarification of needs and understanding of other perspectives. Mediation also encourages affected parties to engage in collective negotiation to stimulate positive problem solving to meet their underlying needs. 


By obtaining mutually agreeable and workable solutions your company can:

  •       Prevent disputes from escalating to tribunals
  •       Promote a productive work environment
  •       Reduce the costs of disrupted workflow and absenteeism
  •       Increase employee motivation and organisational productivity

At OPM we take mediation and conflict resolution very seriously and remain committed to all stages of the process. Our Psychologists work with all parties to ensure everyone is satisfied with the results and offer further coaching training for managers to deal with conflict issues in the future. 

OPM has its own competency model (The E.A.S.E Model) which has proven to be very successful in all cases we have worked on.



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