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Networking Skills

Networking Skills Overview


This insightful course will introduce you to some key skills and techniques useful for successful networking. The session is designed to help you consider what’s important before, during and after a networking event.

It will be a high-paced practical event designed to get you thinking and doing!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session you will: 

  • Understand the neuroscience of language and body posture and this can increase results when meeting others

  • Considered what you can do before an event to psycho logically improve your chances of success

  • Developed and practiced your own personal pitch for that important first impression

  • Have considered how you could be holding yourself back psychologically and how to increase confidence

  • Learnt effective conversational skills and what to avoid when networking

  • Understand the importance of follow-up and setting attainable goals to drive personal results

See what our clients have said in the past: 

“We all had a great night last night at the Tate Recruitment London PA networking event. Our guest speaker Cheryl Isaacs from OPM Consulting was superb, sharing tips and advice on networking and assertiveness.” Charlotte Jackson, Tate Recruitment. 

“Thank you for a lovely evening! It was fantastic to see @OccPsychMatters at @RCSvenue! Please hold more events!”

“@OccPsychMatters Thank you for a great evening of #PA #EA #networking” – David Club, Managing Director at Tate Recruitment.

“With @OccPsychMatters learning how to get over networking nerves”.

“Fantastic presentation from @OccPsychMatters at @thinktate event @RCSvenue! Great location, exceptional speaker!” – Kathryn Benjamin, Tate Recruitment.