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Lester Smulski

Occupation: Life Coach & Positive Change Hypnotherapy

Lester is a certified life coach and a gifted hypnotherapist. He is also a personal development trainer, a Master Practitioner of NLP (a tool set for guiding positive behavioural change) and a qualified Advanced Theta healing practitioner.  

Lester also has 20 years of corporate experience working as a change and problem manager for Standard Life, Scottish Provident, Abbey & British Gas.


Recent and current projects include: 

  • Lester runs a 10 week Life coaching and Personal Development Course that he designed (course has run from 2008). Received an award in 2013 from City Chambers of Edinburgh for the impact the course had on learner’s lives.

  • Assisted on Master NLP Practitioner course with Inspire for Impact

  • Experienced in helping clients with dyslexia by resolving cause issues and helping them to tap into other unconscious resources.

  • A strategic thinker with several years of problem management experience he can often find innovative solutions to ongoing problems.

  • Lester has helped people who have been bullied to feel confident and productive again which can lead to reduced sick leave and may save companies rehiring and unnecessary tribunal costs, reducing their stress and helping them to feel supported by the company. 

  • He has helped many people to overcome challenging health concerns including agoraphobia, PTSD, epilepsy, bereavement issues, multiple personality disorders, OCD, alcoholism and schizoaffective disorder through his work with the Transformation-Station.

  • Lester has helped hundreds of people to overcome phobias, challenges and limiting behaviours and to clear trauma and stresses from their lives and achieve goals.


  • Hypnotherapy Diploma (the highest level before trainer)

  • Certified Life Coach (since 2008)

  • Master Practitioner of NLP (a tool set for guiding positive behavioural change)

  • Advanced Theta healing practitioner (facilitates positive change at a theta brainwave level)

  • Adult Education Tutor/ Personal Development Expert (over 10 years of extensive study)

  • HND Computing (which has helped him to understand the underlying logic of people’s personal “programs”)

If you would like to discuss your coaching or personal development needs, or any of the other OPM consultancy services, please call us on 0845 544 2729 or email